GPS Receiver – GP-20U7 (56 Channel)

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GPS Receiver – GP-20U7 (56 Channel)


GPS Receiver – GP-20U7 (56 Channel)

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The GP-20U7 is a compact GPS receiver with a built-in high performances all-in-one GPS chipset. The GP-20U7 accurately provides position, velocity, and time readings as well possessing high sensitivity and tracking capabilities. Thanks to the low power consumption this receiver requires, the GP-20U7 is ideal for portable applications such as tablet PCs, smart phones, and other devices requiring positioning capability.

This 56-channel GPS module, that supports a standard NMEA-0183 and uBlox 7 protocol, has low power consumption of 40mA@3.3V (max), an antenna on board, and -162dBm tracking sensitivity. With 56 channels in search mode and 22 channels “all-in-view” tracking, the GP-20U7 is quite the work horse for its size.


  • 56-Channel Receiver (22 Channel All-in-View)
  • Sensitivity : -162dBm
  • 2.5m Positional Accuracy
  • Cold Start : 29s (Open Sky)
  • 40mA @ 3.3V
  • 3-pin JST Terminated Cable


  • 18.4mm x 18.4mm x 4mm


Additional information

Weight 0.0350 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 8 mm


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