Tamiya 70100 Sottocarro cingolato



Questo sottocarro cingolato Tamiya è particolarmente indicato per progetti di robotica e prototipi soprattutto per uso esterno (terreni agricoli o dissestati) e permette in poco tempo di creare una base mobile per il proprio robot!

The Tamiya 70100 Track and Wheel Set allows for a large degree of adjustability and creativity in designing your own robot. The set includes a variety of track lengths, sprockets, and wheels that are compatible with multiple Tamiya products.

The Tamiya 70100 Track and Wheel Set is designed to be used in conjunction with multiple Tamiya products. You can use a Tamiya Universal Plate Set for mounting the wheel and sprocket shafts and a Tamiya gearbox to drive the sprockets. The varying track length, sprocket, and wheel sizes allow for flexibility when designing your own robot.

You can use it also with your own frame and project.

Packing List:

2 x 30-Link Tracks
4 x 10-Link Tracks
4 x 8-Link Tracks
2 x Large Drive Sprockets
2 x Small Drive Sprockets
2 x Idler Wheels
6 x Large Road Wheels
10 x Small Road Wheels
12 x Wheel Caps
5 x 3x100mm Round Shafts
1 x 3x100mm Hexagonal Shaft
10 x 3x21mm Tapping Screws


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