UGV – Electric Skid-Steering Tracked Ground Vehicle with batteries

MaXXII-S is the first electric skid-steering mobile robot with rubber tracks and an advanced suspensions system designed to be used for a large variety of applications and to speed up your robotics research! It is powered by AGM Batteries and powerful electric DC motors. It can be used as robot for plant monitoring in agriculture, farm planning, field mapping, soil sampling, inspections, robot surveillance or for industrial applications. MaXXII-S mounts different shock absorbers with preload adjusters to allow the whole undercarriage configuration to adapt to the terrain profile by minimizing the soil vibrations. The unit can be configured with 360° Laser Sensor, RGB-D camera, motor encoders, current sensors and RTK GPS. Thanks to its rubber tracks, it can be used both for indoor and outdoor applications and its payload allows the users to add additional devices and laptops. Moreover, it provides several power output in order to connect multiple devices. The large ground clearance lets the vehicle to overcome obstacles like rocks and debris.



MaXXII-S suspensions are designed to adapt the tracked undercarriage to the terrain profile and to minimize the vibrations generated by rubber tracks-terrain interactions on rough soil. The rubber tracks are robust and high flexible to easily accommodate the shock absorbers movements.


The springs of the shock absorbers used as dampers for the suspension system can easily be replaced to change the elastic module and tune the overall system behavior.


MaXXII-S is a tracked robot platform with batteries that comes with a well-documented ROS node which allows the user to remotely control the robot and to easily integrate sensors, devices and actuators. It also includes C/C++ library for cross-platform development and for third-party integration. The user can move the robot by using the standard geometry_msgs ROS messages.


Both the rear wheels and the other free wheels of each rubber track are directly connected to high efficiency shock absorbers used as dampers; to better adapt the system behavior to different applications, the user can change the springs and can also adjust the spring preload.


MaXXII-S is not afraid of the night! Thanks to a powerful 20W headlight with 1580lm mounted on its front and rear bumpers, you can face the night without problems! You can use this vehicle for surveillance or for inspections in no light conditions and in rough environments since both lights are IP67 and come with LED technology.


The suspension system is able to reduce the vibrations on the vehicle main frame and, as a consequence, it results in an improved stability for a series of sensors like inertial sensors and cameras by also reducing the noise during the acquisitions.


MaXXII-S has been carefully designed to assist the researchers all over the world to speed up their robotics research work and for agriculture applications. It can be used to carry heavy equipment and array of sensors like LiDARs, IMUs and video cameras.


Thanks to its suspensions system the vibrations on the frame are limited by the dampers and so the sensors output is steady and ready to use in MATLAB, ROS or in any other post-processing software.


RC PulseIn, Analog and Digital I/O, RS232, Encoders

MaXXII-S comes with a very powerful controller able to provide multiple interfaces for several applications and needs. In particular, it includes a radio board with a remote control link up to 150 meters with a frequency of 433 Mhz or 2.4Ghz, different analog and digital I/Os, serial interfaces and a large set of sensors for odometry and environmental data like the RTK GPS and the 360° laser scanner.

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Vehicle Dimensions

Mechanical SpecificationsValue
Overall Dimensions747x755x480 mm
Weight90 Kg
Torque45 Nm
Max Payload90 Kg
Max Speed1 m/s
Driving SystemSkid-steering
Locomotion SystemTracks with suspensions
Control SpecificationsValue
SensorsGPS, IMU, Encoders
Battery packLithium 24VDC 30Ah
Drive Module
2WD 24V DC Motors with Encoders
Motor controller
Dual Channel Motor Controller
I/Os6x Digital/PWM/Analog Input, RS232
Run Time4 hours for normal use
SoftwareROS Node, C/C++ Libraries

Sensors and Add-ons


Laser Sensor

The standard sensor is the RPLidar 360° which provides a very accurate dataset both for indoor and outdoor applications; this kind of sensor is useful for obstacles detection.


Inertial Sensor

A 9Dof inertial sensor like the XSens Mti-300 is very useful when you have to develop an autonomous application and you need to retrieve the vehicle position in the 3D space.



A pair of LED lights are always needed when you need to make hte vehicle move and operate over the night or in very dark environments. They are IP67 with a low power consumption.



The RTK GPS is a very important sensor to have when you are developing an autonomous application for outdoor environments. The U-blox solutions provides a very high accuracy.



The vertical towbar can be mounted on the rear side of the robot’s frame to enable it to move heavy loads or even large trailers on wheels.

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