ROS Services for robodyne

All our tracked mobile platforms support ROS (Robot Operating System) and provide C/C++ APIs which allow the user to easily integrate new functions and sensors by simply load a new node or a driver.

progettazione design customization robot veicoli

Let’s us know about your robotics project! Our skilled team can offer you custom solutions about design robotics platforms and industrial applications! We provide robot design and industrial robot development both with tracks and wheels starting from CAD to the final product.

Project customization progettazione robot

Our SMD and PTH PCB electronics design service can offer you several kind of solutions: PWM proportional and ON/OFF valve solenoid controller, wireless communication, Mesh networks, ZigBee and android sensors integration.

Brevetta il robot progetto idea robot

Do you have an idea and you want to patent it, but you don’t know what to do? We can help you with the technical documentation and explain all your options to protect it! Would you like to build your robot with tracks or wheels?

Farmbot and robots for agriculture

Our skid-steering or wheeled vehicles are all equipped with high performance sensors and actuators and rely on locomotion systems based on tracks or wheels to provide the best grip on every kind of terrain.


They are suitable for collaborative robotics, agriculture robots or for plant monitoring and for autonomous navigation routines.

All Terrain UGV Robots

Our mobile robotics platforms are designed to provide the maximum grip on every kind of terrain, even in rough conditions!


Tracked undercarriages with suspensions offer the best solution when you have to face agricultural or rugged terrains while systems on wheels provide less terrain deformations.

Autonomous navigation for agricolture or industry

Thanks to advanced navigation and sensor fusing algorithms, it is possible to implement a very accurate autonomous navigation for outdoor applications!


The system is universal and so it can be used on already existing machines or farm tractors! It is very useful to automatize repetitive or dangerous agricultural tasks. Find out how to transform your tractor into an autonomous robot!


4WD eXplorer is a powerful holonomic vehicle designed to provide the maximum accuracy in all locomotion maneuvers. The mecanum wheels minimize slipping on soft surfaces and they can be used robots to move heavy loads on warehouses.


The rollers are made of hard rubber and are placed at 45 degrees on a galvanized iron reinforced frame.


Electronics boards design and customization service with radio communication, operating system and power control.


Our systems include radio modules for remote communications between devices both for short and long distances.

Open Source

All our C/C++ codes, our ROS nodes and routines are open source and the user can modify them depending on his needs.

High Quality

All our products are realized with high quality components and parts in order to provide the best performances in every condition.


The user can easily customize and change the mobile platforms configuration by simply following a step-to-step guide.

Fast support

The support and assistance service are always active even on Sunday in order to assist the users in every moment and try to solve the problems.

Android and iOS

Design and develop APPs for mobile devices for sensors and actuators remote control and for industrial applications.

Navigation algorithms

Our navigation algorithms use EKF/AMCL for autonomous navigation in non-structured environments and build 2D and 3D maps indoor and outdoor.


Save time by using our solutions! Our team can provide you all kind of functionality without problems!


RC PulseIn, Analog and Digital I/O, RS232, Encoders

All our mobile platforms provide multiple interfaces for several applications and needs. In particular, all the systems include a radio board con remote control up to 150 meters with a frequency of 433 Mhz or 2.4Ghz, different analog and digital I/Os, serial interfaces and a large set of sensors for odometry and environmental data.

Are you looking for a specific hardware configuration? Try us!

ROS Tracked Vehicle for outdoor applications
ROS Tracked Vehicle for outdoor applications

MAXXII – Tracked Mobile Unit

Finally, our MAXXII Tracked Mobile Vehicle is out and available! Check out all the videos and the technical information on the official product page. MAXXII is a mobile robot and vehicle…

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