The Ex-Board: Wi-Fi Proportional Solenoid Valve Controller

The Ex-Board is the first Wireless and Wi-Fi Proportional Solenoid Valve Controller for all hydraulics, oleodynamics, diesel and gasoline applications. With a single board is now possible to remotely control multiple valves and solenoids, check the current consumption, the valve status, the system temperature, run algorithms thanks to its powerful CPU and trigger events depending on the board inputs. You can use it with ROS (Robot Operating System)!

Our Ex-Board is able to provide up to 4 PWM outputs channels for proportional solenoid control with proportional current and with a digital pulse width modulated (PWM) signal which can vary from 50 to 10kHz (5-95%). It can accept power supply voltages from 9 to 18 VDC or 12 to 24VDC. The Ex-board driver utilizes high frequency switching output (PWM) to provide a DC current output of 2 Amps (the maximum current can be configured by the user). A current sensing circuit maintains output current regardless of changes in input voltage and coil resistance. The user can adjust the zero setting, maximum output current, frequency to suit their application. A system of LED’s indicates output power level, input level and power on/off. The unit is available as a stand alone PCB Board or as a Packaged Driver enclosed in an IP67 rated metal housing. The box and DIN rail versions comply with CE directives for EMC. The Board can be easily programmed and configured by using C/C++ language or Arduino IDE or it can be delivered already programmed and ready-to-use. The board also accept RC inputs up to 8 channel so you can use your RC remote transmitter to control each valve.


Amazing Features!



You can remotely control up to 4 Proportional Solenoid Valves, read the solenoids status and check the current system parameters! You can also use the board outputs to switch ON/OFF other devices like DC motors or Digital Servos, inductive or resistive loads. The board can use XBee or XBee PRO radio modules if you need to implement mesh networking. Ex-Board provides 5 input ports to read data from sensors or from RC receivers for remote applications in order to let you control all the board behavior and the solenoids by using a RC Transmitter; the standard version of ExBoard includes a Wi-Fi  communication board based on the powerful ESP8266-01 module!

  • XBee or XBee PRO
  • RC Input
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n with ESP8266-01 Module


Proportional valve spool position is strictly related to the applied current and not the applied voltage. This is because coil resistance is not constant, but rather it increases with temperature. Ex-Board comes with a temperature sensor so it is possible to compensate the temperature’s changes by software. The current ranges from 1.0 amps to 2.0 amps according to most valve manufacturers. It is possible to set the maximum current (the standard value is 2.0A) and to use PWM to proportionally open and close the valve in order to regulate the flow and the pressure.

  • Current range: 0 – 2A
  • Temperature compensation
  • User can change the PWM behavior by writing its own code


You can set every single features in Ex-Board by writing our own C++ code or by using the Arduino IDE. In this way, user can choose when to switch ON/OFF the solenoids, how to set and configure the fluid flow by changing the proportionality on the hydraulics valves. It is also possible to manage all the inputs (RC, digital or analog inputs) or to use the PWM outputs for different purposes like controlling DC motors, servos or fans.


The Ex-Board is the first and only board for PWM proportional hydraulics valve control which can be used with ROS and Linux without problems. In order to let all the ROS users enjoy all the features of our board, it is possible to launch a ROS node that offers all the functionalities of the board and let the user controls everything by changing parameters in the launch file (ex-board.launch).


Do you need extra outputs or inputs channels? Do not worry! just use more than one Ex-Board and stack them on top of each other! Contact us if you need specific customization.


Ex-Board comes with two versions: a basic version equipped with an overclocked ATMEL AVR Microcontroller which runs at 16Mhz and a more powerful version equipped with a ARM Cortex-A CPU for users who need to run complex algorithms. In both cases, it is possible to program the board to operate in different ways and to switch ON/OFF valves depending on events or specific inputs (i.e. if input1 > 500, then switch ON valve #3)


One of the most important aspect for a proportional valve control is to avoid noises and sparks since they can destroy or reset the CPU by generating dangerous errors or damages both on valves and also on other devices. For this reason, Ex-Board is fully isolated thanks to a powerful isolated power supply and all the signal control area is opto-isolated from the power electronics; this solution provides the best stability and performances in every conditions.

Main Specifications

Input voltage 9-18 VDC
Continuous Output Current 2.1A
Digital Logic Input Low Level0-1.5 VDC
Digital Logic Input High Level1.8-2.1 VDC
PWM Frequencyup to 10kHz
PWM Output4
Channel Input5
Channel Input typeDigital, Analog, PWM
Voltage for Inputs0-5 VDC
CPU ATMEGA AVR Microcontroller or ARM Cortex-A
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11, XBee, XBee PRO, RC Inputs
LanguagesC/C++, Arduino IDE, ROS
Duty-CycleAdjustable Delay and Duty Cycle
ProtectionOver and under Current Indicator
WarningThermal Shutdown, Internal Current Limit
Dimensions139.70 x 196 mm
EnclosurePCB or IP67 rated metal housing


You can order now your PWM Solenoid Valve Controller Driver or you can just ask us further information about it.
Since there are two versions of Ex-Board, please, specify if you are interested in the ATMEGA or Cortex CPU and if what kind of connectivity you need.
Obviously, we can also provide you support for your final application so, if you need advices and suggestions on your hydraulics or oleodynamics system, feel free to ask us without problems!