15Kg – IP 67 – RB-897DMG Waterproof Servo Motor


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Servo con protezione IP67 adatto per robot e veicoli che possono lavorare a contatto con acqua o vicino al mare.

RB-897DMG Waterproof Servo Motor is the latest generation of full metal teeth large torque servo motors.
It is IP67 and it is particularly suitable for robots or vehicles which can work close to the sea or to the water.


Control System: PWM – Pulse Width Control 1500usec Neutral
Operating Speed (6V): 0.13sec/60°at no load
Current Drain (4.5V): 5mA/idle current and 280mA Runnig current
Current Drain (6V): 5mA/idle current and 350mA Runnig current
Connector Wire Length: 300mm
Weight size: 75g
Sizes: 40.4mm × 19.9mm × 37.5mm
Operating voltage: 4.5V-6V
Operating temperature:-10 °C -60 °C
No-load speed:0.15 seconds / 60 degrees (4.5); 0.13 seconds / 60 degrees (6V)
Torque size: 13Kg · cm (5V) 15KG · cm (6V)
Dead zone settings: 10us
Diving depth: 4m


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