7 inch TFT LCD Monitor with HDMI Interface for Raspberry Pi or Pcduino


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Did you get your hands on a Raspberry Pi or a Pcduino and need a little TFT LCD Monitor to complete your tiny desktop computer? Or maybe you just need a good field monitor.
This TFT LCD Monitor from Lilliput is the answer to your problems!

It runs on only 12V DC and takes several types of signal input . Also, the native resolution of the TFT LCD Monitor is fairly high for an inexpensive 7″ display at 800 x 480.

The monitor comes with a Built in speaker, Internal audio decoder chip,Can automatically switch reversing. At the same time there is a full-function remote control. OSD menu in English, beautiful appearance, stable performance, clear image,easy to operate.


Product Name: 7 inch LCD Display (HDMI Version)
Product No: RB-05L017
Signal Input: 2-way AV + VGA + HDMI
Panel Type: TFT
Resolution: 800 × 480
Aspect Ratio: 4: 3/16: 9
Contrast Ratio: 350: 1
Brightness: 350cd / m2
Visual Dimensions: 15.4 (W) × 8.7 (H) cm
Operating Voltage: 12V
Working Current: 2A
OSD Language: Chinese / English
Dimensions (Box): 17.3 × 11.3 × 3.3cm
Application: Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Pcduino, Industrial Equipment Commissioning, Video Intercom, Onboard Computer,Instrumentation, Industrial Control, Medical Equipment, Portable Display Equipment and other electronic fields.

Native Interface:

12V DC Power Adapter


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