Base cingolata con 4 motori per robot


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Questa base cingolata con quattro motori e quattro encoders è perfetta se stai sviluppando una piattaforma robotica mobile per outdoor! Particolarmente adatta per terreni agricoli o comunque non perfettamente piani.

Rover 5 is a new breed of tracked robot chassis designed specifically for students and experts. It includes also the encoders!!
Unlike conventional tracked chassis’s the clearance can be adjusted by rotating the gearboxes in 5-degree increments. “Stretchy” rubber treads maintain tension as the clearance is raised.
Inside of the chassis are 4 noise suppression coils at the bottom and a battery holder that accepts 6x AA batteries (not included).

It is recommended to use NiMh batteries as they last longer and have a higher current output than Alkaline batteries.

Each gearbox has an 87:1 ratio. The chassis can be upgraded to include four motors and encoders making it ideal for mecanum wheels.


Motor rated voltage: 7.2V
Motor stall current: 2.5A
Output shaft stall torque: 10Kg/cm
Gearbox ratio: 86.8:1
Encoder type: Quadrature
Encoder resolution: 1000 state changes per 3 wheel rotations
Speed: 1Km/hr
Four motors
Four encoders
Encoder interface:
Red = +5V
Black = 0V
Yellow and White = Quadrature encoder outputs


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