Controller per motori DC per Raspberry Pi


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Questo modulo fornisce la possibilità di controllare due motori DC dal proprio Raspberry Pi.

This module provides a Raspberry Pi shield which enables the user to obtain dual bi-directional motor controllers, two open collector outputs, two switch inputs, a pair of status LEDs and even a voltage regulator capable of powering the Raspberry Pi using a battery source from 7-12VDC.
The combination of Raspberry Pi and this motor controller shield makes it easier and more affordable than you might think to build a robot with computer vision, web access or even machine learning using the linux operating system and Python code.


Features: Dual Bidirectional Motor Control
Power Range: 7-12V supply range
Electronic switch: open collector output (25mA/5V)
Indicator: LED light-emitting diode × 2
Contact: switch input × 2
Extended Interface:5 V serial interface
Circuit interface: 3.3V/I2C Interface
Size: 51 × 51 mm


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