Intel® Edison Hardware Pack


Intel® Edison Hardware Pack

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This is a Hardware Pack for the Intel® Edison, with this set you will be provided with increased mechanical strength for stacking Blocks. Each Hardware Pack includes ten M2x3mm standoffs, six M2x3mm screws, and six M2 nuts. With this set of hardware you will be able to secure three Blocks to one Intel® Edison. Eight standoffs and four screws and nuts are used for the Blocks, while two standoffs, screws, and nuts are used for the Intel® Edison itself.

If you are looking to give your Intel® Edison stack a little more stability, this Hardware Pack is perfect for you!


  • 10x Standoff – M2 x 3mm
  • 6x Phillips Head Screw – M2 x 3mm
  • 6x Nut – M2


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