L298 Dual H-Bridge Driver per motori brushed o brushless


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Ottimo modulo basato sul driver L298 per pilotare due motori DC a spazzole o un motore brushless sino a 2A e con una tensione di ingresso sino a 46VDC.

Dual H-bridge DC motor driver board using ST’s L298N dual H-bridge DC motor driver IC which can be used to drive DC motors or bipolar stepper motors. This driver board is small, light weight, but with a strong drive capability: 2A peak current and peak voltage of 46V. Driver performances can be increased by using a heat sink.

Board has two current feedback detection interface to take power within the logic selects the terminal, four pull-up resistor selection terminal, 2-way and four-wire interfaces DC two-phase stepper motor interface, control motor direction indicator, four standard fixed mounting holes. This driver board could be used with smart programmable trolley, wheeled robots and variety of controllers.


Driver: L298
Driver power supply: +5V – +46V
Driver Io: 2A
Logic power output Vss: +5~+7V (internal supply +5V)
Logic current: 0~36mA
Controlling level: Low -0.3V~1.5V, high: 2.3V~Vss
Enable signal level: Low -0.3V~1.5V, high: 2.3V~Vss
Max power: 25W (Temperature 75 cesus)
Working temperature: -25C~+130C
Dimension: 60mm*54mm
Driver weight: 48g
Other extensions: current probe, controlling direction indicator, pull-up resistor switch, logic part power supply


Light weight, small dimension
Super driver capacity
FWD protection
Heavy load Heat sink
2 current sense ports
Power selection switch
4 x pull up resistor switch
2 x DC motor/ 4 coil dual phrase stepper motor output
Motor direction indication LED
4 x standard mouting hole

Packing List:

1x L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver


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