Serial Enabled 16×2 LCD – 5V – per Arduino


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Serial Enabled 16×2 LCD is the nearest evolution of our serial LCD. Included on a single board is a 16×2 LCD and an embedded circuit based on a PIC 16F88. The on-board PIC takes a TTL serial input and prints the characters it receives onto the LCD. The installed firmware also allows for a number of special commands so you can clear the screen, adjust the backlight brightness, turn the display on/off, and more.

Communication with the LCD requires 5V TTL serial at a default baud rate of 9600bps (8-N-1). You can regulate the baud to any standard rate between 2400 and 38400bps. The power (VDD), ground (GND) and RX pins are all broken out to both a 0.1″ pitch header as well as a 3-pin JST connector.


PCB: 103x36mm
LCD: 71.4×26.4mm
Embedded PIC 16F88 utilizes onboard UART for greater communication accuracy
Adjustable baud rates of 2400, 4800, 9600 (default), 14400, 19200 and 38400
Operational Backspace
Greater processing speed at 10MHz
Incoming buffer stores up to 80 characters
Backlight transistor can handle up to 1A
Pulse width modulation of backlight allows direct control of backlight brightness and current consumption
All surface mount design allows a backpack that is half the size of the original
Faster boot-up time
Boot-up display can be turned on/off via firmware
User definable splash screen


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