SparkFun GPS Module – Copernicus II DIP (12 Channel)


SparkFun GPS Module – Copernicus II DIP (12 Channel)

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The Copernicus II is a great GPS module from Trimble, but the SMD module prohibits immediate gratification. This DIP allows the customer to gain direct access to the pins on the SMD module. Simply provide 2.7 – 3.3VDC. The Copernicus II DIP breakout has an impedance-matched, end-launch, standard SMA connector that will mate with our SMA GPS antennas listed below.

This revision of the board fixes a few silkscreen errors and adds a jumper between the VCC and XSTBY pins.

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Get Started with the Copernicus II Guide


  • 1.1 x 1.25″
  • 0.9″ between pins (bread board friendly)



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