Mini Biaxial DC Gear Motor 1:120 for 4WD Mobile Car Chassis


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Mini DC Gear Motor is a cost-effective, high usability and high quality motor. It can be controlled by Arduino or similar boards to build robotics vehicles and wheeled robots.
It is suitable to be used as wheel hub.


Reduction ratio: 1: 120
No-load speed (3V): 40RPM
No-load speed (6V): 80RPM
No-load current (3V): 90mA
No-load current (6V): 100mA
Load speed (3V): 36RPM
Load speed (6V): 76RPM
Torque (3V): 0.08N.m
Torque (6V): 0.06N.m
Size: 70x37x22.5 mm (LengthxWidthxHeight)
Weight: 30g

Packing List:

1 x DC Gear Motor 1:120


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